Thursday, October 8, 2009

Security in the "Cloud"

How can security be guaranteed? How will the confidence of the unknown be built? How can trust be built?

These are all questions I think will need to be answered in order to foster adoption of Cloud services. My thought is that for many organizations it will take time to shift from the current paradigm into a cloud solution. For myself it took a leap of faith in starting this blog. To know that my thoughts and ideas would be out on the Internet for all to see took a leap of faith. I think the same will be true for organizations. The market, and the push for greater efficiency, I believe will ultimately nudge organizations to the Cloud. The big concern will be reliability and security. Companies not only store their own data but they store information and profiles of their customers. Protecting this data will be paramount and any point of failure could cause huge issues for the company and its customers.

I would like comments on security and how it might be implemented in the Cloud environment. So if you are interested please post a comment. Thanks!


  1. recommend you spend time at the Electronic Frontier Foundation as a place that pulls together the main issues of prvacy and security in the digital domain

  2. Thanks Ken. I will take a look at that.