Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Online collaboration: LotusLive

Again the title is the link. This is a link to the actual site where you can purchase LotusLive. What I find interesting is they are molding email, online meetings and document collaboration all into one package. Google Wave is still in Beta and it is suppose to do just about the same thing. I wonder will the paid service or free win out? Are businesses ready to embrace the cloud? Will they switch from their current email client to a hosted service? I am going to explore a little deeper into this LotusLive and then compare it to Google Wave and others that are beginning to offer similar services. Stay tuned in for updates very soon. Also, check out the original article from eweek at

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  1. I found that when you attempt to watch some of the videos it keeps saying install falsh player and I did and it did not work. Make sure you have flash player installed.